was retired in 2018 due to disuse and technical issues. Here’s what I wrote 3 years ago when I initally shut the site down:

Almost four years ago, I started after being inspired by’s file upload service. Originally it started as a fork of the original with authentication support, before being entirely rewritten from scratch. After a year of bugfixes and feature improvements, I considered mostly-complete and stable, and for a few years after that, supported file uploading and storage for a couple of users as I worked on bigger and better projects. started facing technical issues a few weeks ago after we moved hosts. As I was pretty much the only one using the site and was extremely busy at Cutie Cafe, unfortunately was neglected. Yesterday, as part of a few cost-cutting measures and due to the site’s relative inactivity, I’d decided to deprecate may return in the future as a file upload service again as development on other projects dies down a bit, but it will see major improvements including a rewrite that will make it look nothing like its current form.

I hope you’ve had as much fun using as we had making it. Thank you for being a part of’s history.

I am still interested in rewriting, but it’s a project so far on the backburner that it might be another few more years before I get to it ;)

The source code to is hosted on GitHub. You may also be interested in Bytewave’s fork, called sleeti, which is written much better than


Why’d you wait until 2021 to put up an official takedown message?

I don’t know. I’ll use the excuse that I haven’t had time.

What happened to the files?

I have them. For some reason, AWS won’t let me make them public. If you want a specific file, let me know.

Is or for sale?

No. I will be holding on to these domains for the forseeable future.

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